Thursday, August 27, 2009

John's New Birthday!

Nope, I didn't weigh myself yet. Such a slacker. Hell, at this point I'm lucky if I show up at work on time!

What I did want to share is tomorrow, not Saturday, is Stem Cell Transplant Day! Tomorrow is officially Day Zero! I wish I could be there for it, but I have to work. I guess it's just as well because there are going to be a lot of people in the room when this all goes down. They're doing the transplant right in John's room. I'm not sure how they do it.

This morning (Thursday, that is) John was doing ok, then suddenly felt really nauseous and ended up throwing up (sorry for TMI) in the trashcan. No way was he making into the bathroom, since he had to unplug this intravenous machine. The nurse gave him a Compazine and he's been fine ever since. He said his appetite wasn't so good for breakfast, but I think he got over it by lunch and dinner.

We were saying how amazed we both were that he wasn't having any side effects from this chemo since it's supposed to be very high dosage. The nurse told us that sometimes the side effects don't kick in for a few days. I hope the hurling was a fluke!

I won't get to see John again until Sunday because Dani and I have to leave really early for her college on Saturday, so I want to try to get some sleep early tomorrow (Friday) night. I'm going to miss him!

I'll let you all know how he makes out tomorrow.

OH! I had mentioned the other day that I was the only person who visits John, and I felt really bad about that, especially on the days I can't get in to see him. Someone suggested I post his address so if anyone wants they can send him a card to cheer him up!. So if you want, here's his address at the hospital!

John F. Russo
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Rhoads 6013


That Janie Girl said...

Oh, he's in for it now! The mailboxes will fill up!

Hopes and prayers for manana, senora!!


Sharon Rose said...

Yea!!!!! Now we can send John some sunshine! And Happy Birthday! And, Joanie, you are a very busy lady these days. So, here is a virtual {{{HUG}}}! Please don't forget to take care of you!

Anonymous said...

Sending good vibes and healing thoughts. Hope Dani gets settled in ok.

Boozy Tooth said...

I want to send John a card. Remind me... how long will he be in the hospital again???? I'm 50, I forget these things and am too lazy to scroll.

Don't forget to call me if you need me.

Tracey said...

John is going to wonder whats hit him when all the fan mail starts arriving hehe.. posted mine this morning, no idea how long it takes air mail!

give him a massive hug from me too xx

Unknown said...

Yeah, this card thing will be a blast! I've got mine ready to mail out!

Alix can send him a wig to cheer him up. I hear that wigs are fun.

Joanne said...

OMG does this make him Virgo now?? Although Aug Virgos are some of my favourite people.

I am on the lookout for the best Canadian card I can find.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Woo-hoo! My card's in the mail. I hope the hospital has to add staff to sort it all :-)

I'm sending prayers and support from Los Angeles to John and you. When the transplant is complete, will there be birthday cake? Just askin' ;-)

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

YAY! Day Zero!
Good luck,and so glad it's finally here!