Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WWW on Thursday this week and an update

Since I spent Tuesday night at the hospital, I wasn't home to weigh myself, but I'm home now, so tomorrow morning, I'll weigh-in and blog about my week.

John is doing absolutely terrific with this chemo! Until earlier this evening, he's had no side effects from all the chemo they've been pumping into him since Saturday. After lunch today, he had a bit of nausea, so they give him a compazine and he was fine. The nurse did tell us that some side effects might hit in a few days.

This evening, John was given his last bag of chemo. Tomorrow is considered Day -1 and it's a rest day. No treatments at all. On Friday morning, they'll do the stem cell transplant, right in his room. I wish I could be there for that but I have to work and I also have to get up very very early on Saturday to take Dani to college, 5 hours away. So I won't be going in to visit with John on Friday or Saturday. I feel bad because I'm the only one who visits him!

They keep a chart on his wall of his white Blood cells, Hemoglobin and platelet counts. Normal white cell counts range between 4 and 10. By the end of the week, Johns WBC should be 0. As of today, it was 8. It's been around 10+ all week. Unless something dramatic happens in the next day or so, I don't see that happening. Maybe he won't have to stay in the hospital as long as they predicted! I guess time will tell. There are other numbers too but I'm too tired to post about them.

Well, it's rather late, I'm really tired, so I'm hitting the sack! More tomorrow!


linlah said...

All of the blog community will be visiting John with our thoughts in your absence, with all the love and warmth we can bring.

Sharon Rose said...

It's good to hear things have been going well so far. Praying that the chemo side effects don't catch up with him.

I caught the part where you are the only visitor he has. If you are comfortable with this, I would like to suggest something that might be fun for both of you.
What if you email those you are comfortable with a mailing address and we can send him cards. That way, even if we can't be there with you guys, he can at least get some "Fan' mail. Just a thought.

Tracey said...

Hey, What Pastor Sharon said is a good idea.. I'd send a card from The UK no problem..

If John feels sicky with the chemo try to get him to drink Ginger tea or eat ginger biscuits, anything with ginger is good, it worked a treat for me.

Wishing you both well xx

Joanie said...

I like that, Sharon!

John F. Russo
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Rhoads 6013

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad to hear he's doing well. Will keep praying for a complete recovery.

Hallie :)

Mary Ellen said...

Thanks for the address. Hopefully he'll get some mail to help him through the times you can't be there.

Get some rest. I'll be praying for everything to go well.

Tracey said...

Card bought and wrote. it'll be in the post from Newcastle upon Tyne in England tomorrow xxx

Unknown said...

Cool idea with the cards!

Unknown said...

Oh and put that into a blog entry so lurkers who use Google reader can see.

Joanne said...

What a great idea -- off searching for the bestest card - ok almost the bestest - would you believe the best a Canadian can find??

Trying to translate your spammer all I can see is "sogo plus plus sex" wonder if its a new Asian position??

Boozy Tooth said...

So happy to hear the great news. Maybe being away from John during the transplant will give him time to just veg and sleep and catch up on rest. We'll all be praying for him (and you and Dani), but somehow I just have the feeling that God has you all very close and deep in his care.

You continue to amaze.

Matty said...

We are all with you.

Unknown said...

Be sure to take a picture of all the cards. Maybe a photo of the nurses. Hell, just keep your camera with ya.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I would love to send John fan mail too, so if you do it, count me in.

In the meantime I'm paying John an online visit via you! Give him a big hug for me.

Safe travels to college.