Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meme and an award! ( and a mini John update)

Julia over at Sometimes Lucid tagged me for this meme and a cool award goes with it! (and you know how much I LOVE getting awards!) Hey! I'm the 4th of 8 kids! I'll take attention any way I can get it!

Anyway, the rules are:

I have to share 7 personality traits of mine.

Then I have to share this award with 7 people.

Seven Personality Traits I Used To Have (and a few I still have)

1. Procrastination is my middle name. I used to get everything completed on time, with time to spare. My sister was always amazed that I had my Christmas shopping done by the beginning of December and all my gifts were wrapped as soon as I brought them home. Now? You'll find me, on Christmas Eve, in my bedroom, in a gift wrapping frenzy! I also start my shopping about a week before Christmas.

I used to be punctual. I'm blaming blogging (and Facebook and email and Pogo) on being nearly late for work every day. John now knows that I'll be 30 minutes later than the time I gave him for my arrival at his place (this is if we don't have a pressing engagement).

I used to have a great memory. I blame pregnancy and childbirth on my ever-increasing forgetfulness. I used to have everything ready to go, grab my stuff and go out the door. Now? I have to go back inside at least 2 times whenever I leave the house. And if I do manage to get out the door on the first try? I usually leave something on the kitchen table that I needed to take with me.

I'm a wimp. Yes, I admit it. I hate confrontation and will do just about anything to avoid it. This is why I am not a manager at work. My ex-husband made me fire someone when we had our resturant and I nearly threw up when I did it.

I'm a really good friend. I'll do anything (within reason) for friends and family.

I'm a good listener. And I've learned to keep my mouth shut. If you don't want something repeated, I'll keep it to myself. A young woman I work with found out she was pregnant and she told me right away. I knew for 3 weeks before she said anything at work. When she mentioned it to a fellow at work in front of me, he said now everyone would know because she said it in front of me. I will admit to being a bit smug when I informed him that I had known for 3weeks!

I don't have a lot of patience sometimes. There's a reason why I'm not a teacher. Frankly, I don't like other people's kids all that much. You can't beat them when they're fresh or rude like you can your own!

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We are playing hurry up and wait. The rash thingy on Johns neck has everyone stumped and they don't want to start chemo and possibly make it worse. So today they did a biopsy on it and they are supposed to start chemo tomorrow (Friday) . We've been stuck at Day -6 going on the third day! It's like the movie, Groundhog Day where the same day occurs over and over again!
It's kind of frustrating because it's just a little bug bite or something. but with cancer treatment, you really can't take any chances. Anyway, here's hoping tomorrow truly is Day -6 and we can get this countdown started!


Pastor Sharon said...

yeah, we are definitely related. . . I would have chosen almost the very same things! I'm sending "The Dad" to fix your dryer!

Now could you feEx those green beans? Don't forget Wasabi, it makes the treat!

Sorry you guys are hurrying up and waiting again. Seems you have to do that a lot lately! Hugs to you guys!

Sally's World said...

congrats, and well deserved, loved readine the list.

thinking of you, hope the waiting is soon over...

lisa said...

Thanks for the tag Joanie. I may actually do this one. Hopefully the wait won't be too much longer.

Try to enjoy the weekend.

Middle Aged Woman said...

"You can't beat them when they're fresh or rude like you can your own!"

I can't? Well, shit. Now I'm not looking forward to going back to work this fall.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Also loved your list!
And checking out your blog suggestions.
Hope the waiting ends SOON!

Joanne said...

Joanie - thanks for the update and the tag. I will do this tomorrow for sure.

I am glad they are being cautious but I so understand the waiting for delays - hard on both of you.

Namine said...

I just discovered your blog! Good post!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Congrats on the award Joanie! I enjoyed your list and we have a lot in common. I have turned into a procrastinator as I get older. I would have guessed that you are a good listener, as you are such a kind soul.

Hope all is going well with John this weekend.

Alix said...

Joanie... thanks for including me on your meme. Just got back from NY and am doing a bit of blog catch up. Will get to this ASAP. Thanks for the mention, kind compliment, link, and thinking of me. An honor!