Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday

This is my first weigh-in day on Weight Watchers. Actually I'm doing this one a day early since I'll be going to stay at John's tonight (Tuesday) and take him to the hospital on Wednesday and he doesn't have a scale at his house. Someone, maybe Garret, proposed that perhaps I should post my starting weight and a before photo to encourage me to stay on track. So I'm going to do that. I'll get John to take a picture of me tonight and I'll add it later. In the meantime, here's one taken a week ago at work.

Me with Ashley, taken at TGI Fridays

8/05/09 starting weight 220 (YIKES!!!!)
8/12/09 week one 217

Down 3 pounds!!!! Woo hoo!!! Considering I'm still learning this program, I think I did OK this week! I know I made a few poor food choices, and I didn't do much in the way of working out, other than some yard work here and there (and my hamstrings are STILL yelling at me for that!), I think I did OK! This week, I'll do better.

My mini goals are to get to the next lowest 9 (219 (check!), 209, 199, 189, etc). I can't think in terms of "I need to lose 100 pounds." It's just too overwhelming! According to WW, with my height (5' maybe) and my age (53, 54 in a month), I should weigh between 102 and 128 lbs. At 102, I'll look anorexic, I think. So my goal weight is 120. I remember when we moved to this house 20 years ago, I was 140 and thought I was fat! I saw a picture of myself recently at that weight. I was smoking!! Then I got pregnant with Dani and I've been struggling ever since.

A few things I have learned this week:

~ I need to stick with salads when I eat at work, and to bring my own fat-free dressing with me. (I get free meals when I work until night shift arrives
. Not turning that down!)

~ Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen dinners are pretty good.

~ WW has some kick-ass desserts!

~ I can live without potatoes most of the time.

~ I must say good-bye to horseradish cheddar pub cheese and town house crackers (I will eat the entire sleeve of crackers. I CANNOT limit myself!)

~ Sugar free popsicles are awesome! 15 calories and no fat!

~ I truly do not like to exercise any more and will use any excuse not to do it.

~ I KNOW if I do some exercise the weight will come off more quickly.

~ Ken's Fat Free Raspberry Pecan dressing is FABULOUS!!

~ Veggies are my friends!


Pastor Sharon said...

Joanie, Congratulations my friend!!!! GREAT JOB! I am so inspired and in awe that you chose to post your before weight!!!! You've got guts!!!! And that is great!

Hey, you work at Friday's? Oh how I love those fried green beans with Wasabi sauce!!!! mercy me. . . I can't say no to those!

Now, keep up the good work! I'm with you . . . those WW deserts are enough to make your tongue slap your brain. GOOD!
Cheers to you!!!!

darsden said...

Congrats Joanie, you are on your way .. I thought you looked fantastic, I love the pictures of ya'll at work. I saw them on facebook :-) looks like a fun crew to work with. The paul newmans raspberry walnut dressing with baby spinach and a few manderian orange slices..yummie and not bad check it out It is great for a quick meal and lite for the hot summer months..

Alix said...

Feel the power, girl!

That is amazing progress and there's no more thrilling feeling than that needle on the scale going left. Get used to it because with your awesome attitude and focus, that's going to be happening a lot!

I love your "what I learned this wee" section. Please continue to post that each week. There is valuable wisdom there. Veggies ARE your friends and popsicles have zero points. Yay.

You continue to inspire in so many ways. Thank you for sharing this journey with us Joanie. I love you!

Middle Aged Woman said...

Great job, keep it up, and here's a tip: If you really boil some cauliflower, you can mash them just like potatoes, and they come darn close. Add a tiny bit of fat-free sour cream, et voila! WW heaven.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

I've heard of the cauliflower mash as an Atkins diet trick. My mother-in-law puts salsa and a little bit of cheese on top of a whole flower and it's good.

Congrats. I'm so looking forward to Wednesdays now!

I also miss my Alix.....

The Good Cook said...

Oh yes, Garrett and Jim are right. Steam cauliflower until done (in the microwave).
Put in food processor, add salt, pepper, a little nutmeg, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and a couple sprays I can't believe it's not butter. Process until smooth. Tastes like buttered popcorn with the consistency of mashed potatoes... sooo, sooo good.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You rock!! How awesome that you are going for it...because you want to.

I hate exercise too. I think my treadmill told me to EFF OFF last night!


Maureen said...

Now I know I am not the only one that has that problem with those damn crackers! good luck joanie!

Mandi said...

Great job!! I look forward to watching your progress. I just had an amazing WW dessert at a friend's house and I'm going to post the recipe on my blog. 3 points for a heafty portion - YUM!

Joanne said...

Way to go!!! That first week is always the toughest. Three pounds gone gone gone!!!

Mary Ellen said...

Good for you!!! I should join you but I just can't get myself organized. Maybe I'll be inspired by you. Congratulations.

Joanie M said...

I was telling John about the mashed cauiflower. I used to make it for myself, put it in 1 cup containers andfreeze. when my family had any kind of potato, I'd have the cauliflower. I'm going to make some when John comes home.

Thanks for the encouragement!!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I have had those cauliflower potatoes Middle Aged Woman suggested and they're really good!
Also, lots of veggies raw with lowfat ranch salad dressing for dip. Fills you up!
You go girl!!

Daria said...

Good job girl ... I'm behind you ... small goals is best.

The Retired One said...

I am so proud and so happy for you. Three pounds is a victory!
I still haven't gone on line yet to check out WW new on-line program. I want to get out my old stuff and read it first. But you are giving me motivation.
You go girl.