Monday, August 3, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Say It Isn't So!!

So I got my AARP magazine in the mail today, and Who is on the cover? The Boss, himself, Bruce Springsteen and the caption reads THE BOSS TURNS 60 . Sixty???? Seriously? How the hell did that happen?

My youngest kid leaves for college in 4 weeks. Is it wrong that I'm thrilled to pieces? You know that Staples commercial, where the Dad is riding the shopping cart all over the store and singing
It's the most wonderful time of the year and the kids, with heads hanging, walk slowly behind him? Well, that's how I feel.

It's funny how, in my head, I feel like I'm in my 20s. Then, I get out of bed and the arthritis in my hip and down my thigh reminds me that I'm verging on 54. Sometimes, reality is a bitch.

I think I'm FINALLY going into menopause! About damned time! Forty+ years is long enough!

Am I the only one who got stuck on watching
The Great American Road Trip? And does anyone else despise the Pollard Family and Di Salvatore Family as much as I do? The Pollards
(from Newton, AL) are about as redneck as you can get and the Di Salvatores (from Yonkers, NY) can give the Housewives of NJ a run for their money in how obnoxious they are. Both of these families hate the Cootes Family because they keep winning the King of the Road challenges. I sure hope the Cootes win this game!

Why not go over to Keely's place and grabbing the RTT button and do some randomness of your own!!

My good friend, Joanna at The Fifty Factor is celebrating her 100th post with a really cool giveaway! Why not check her out?


Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I'm with ya, chica. I'm with ya

linlah said...

I'm going to be in my 20's until I die. Seriously, it's all in my head.

mo.stoneskin said...

The 7 dwarfs are brilliant. The Great American Road Trip sounds like a show that I'm glad I don't watch!

Jan said...

Oh, I could have gone the rest of the year without knowing that The Boss is turning 60. It makes me feel the same way I did when Kevin Costner was on the cover of AARP magazine.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Cartoon is so cute!! I wonder when I'll hit menopause. Had my hysterectomy in my 20's so not sure it will be so easy for me to tell when it starts!! And I'm always cold so BRING ON THE HOT FLASHES!!


Joanie M said...

Hmmm.. I'm curious why I got 2 responses this morning to an RTT post that I did on June 23.

Joanne said...

LOL this comment could be as long as your blog.
First - yes we celebrate everything Bruce in our household and yikes he is going to be 60 - saw his concert last year -- the man has the constitution of a 20something.
Second - OMG I can't believe I met another almost 54 that "might" be heading into menopause. I feel so alone -- all my friend are long into it and I still wait every month - shhhhh I am 47 days without - but who is counting??
Third - I am enjoying the Road Trip -- pretty much feel same as you except I love listening to Salvio tawk - several years ago I was in love with an Italian from the Bronx (long story) and if I close my eyes Salvio is him -- but I will only say this here - my darling husband doesn't need to see this outloud.

Ok I will be quiet now.

Captain Dumbass said...

The Boss is 60? SIXTY?

Maureen at IslandRoar said...

Itchy?? One of the menopausal dwarfs is itchy??
OH, great, more to look forward to.

The Boss is 60.....we ARE old.

These are the best Random's I've seen all day!

Joanie M said...

Why thank you, Maureen!

Itchy.. now I know why my belly was so itchy last night.

Hallie? I think maybe you went into menopause in your 20s when you had your hysterctomy.

Jan, left a comment on your RTT. Absolutely hysterical today!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I actually did catch the Great American Road Trip premiere and forgot to tape the rest. When is it on again?
I feel like a teenager sometimes and when I'm on the floor playing with Sprite, I'm her age. I love those times the most.

Joanie M said...

Jen, Road trip is on Monday nights. You can click the link to get better info.

~~tonya~~ said...

Love the Menopausal Dwarfs pic! Too cute and oh how I can every one of them.

Happy RTT

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Joanie, you are so gosh darn cute.

Yup, send the seedlings off and let them spread their wings and fly.

Keely said...

Itchy? Really? I had no idea that was a symptom. That explains a lot!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear Joanie,
Hahaha, made me smile with the menopausal cartoons you got there.. i guess i'm nearing that stage now and i'm highly anticipating it, hehe.. nice to see ya!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Bruce is FIFTY! Whoa! It was just yesterday I was at his Born In the USA concert! You're right, When did THAT happen?!?!?


WeaselMomma said...

I am so glad that you found me, because that helped me to find you! This is a great blog. I love your tone and humor.

Joanie M said...

No Joanna. Bruce is SIXTY!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

WHOA! SIXTY!!!! OMG-- Now I feel even older :-)
You would never kow by looking at him!!!! xo

Jana said...

you crack me up!! such a fun blog thanks for sharing!

Daria said...


I love that Staples commercial.

Sad to hear the Boss is 60 ... that is just wrong.