Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Is it just me or....

I know Keely's on vacation, but that doesn't mean we can't do RTT!!

Is it just me or ...

are most of the people who want to be your friend on BlogCatalog trying to sell you something?

do the people who are dieting and say they are so full they can't eat everything they're supposed to in the course of a day full of shit?

does the mailman take FOREVER to arrive when you know there's a check coming for you?

if you do wait for the mailman to arrive, the check will NOT be there!

does your day off go by much faster than your work day?


We are in the countdown to college at my house (18 days!) and my daughter doesn't have one blessed thing for her dorm. Her dad said he was wanted to take her shopping and get everything at once. I'm in charge of bras, panties and socks. My kids KNOWS who to go to for the big stuff! She does, however, have her student loans in place.

I have just discovered if I retire at 62, I'll collect a whopping $609 a month in social security but if I work until I'm 70, I can collect a grand total of $1185 a month!! All those years I chose to be a stay-at-home-mom was a good idea at the time, but I'll be paying for it in my "golden years".

I HAVE learned, however, if I don't get married again until after I turn 60, I'll be eligible for my ex's social security. Reason enough to not get married again!


OK, tomorrow's the big day! Tomorrow we wait for the hospital to call to let us know they have a room ready for John. Last month it took 2 days to get a room. I sure hope that's not going to be the case this time!

John will be getting a really high dose of the R-ICE chemo. I have a feeling this one's going to make him really sick. The other 2 times he had the chemo (in June and again in July) it took 3 days to administer the chemo. I don't know how long this one will take. After that, he'll be getting the stem cell transplant, to rebuild his immune system (which will be pretty much destroyed with this last does of chemo).

Hopefully, when this is done, the cancer will be gone for good, and he can work on getting stronger again. He was told he'd be in the hospital for a month, possibly as long as 6 to 8 weeks. I'm hoping that he's strong enough to get his health back quickly. If the stem cell harvest is any indication, he may very well, get well quickly. They expected the harvest to take 2 to 4 days and he had 4.5X the amount needed on the first day!

I'll know more tomorrow, I'm sure. They are very good about explaining everything in detail to us and don't mince words either.

So that's my update. More tomorrow, but late.


Mandi said...

My thoughts will be with you both tomorrow!

Unknown said...

John will do fine! Positive thoughts!

Joanne said...

Sending you good thoughts for John to get a bed quickly and a speedy recovery. I am not sure if you have done this long a stay before but remember you can ask the staff for anything. I learned early best to ask and be told no than find out later we could do something to make our loved ones more comfortable. Just talking about the little things - for his and your comfort.

Peggy said...

Don't forget to take care of yourself. John need is best girl in tip top shape!
I'll be praying for John that everything will go very well !

Sharon Rose said...

Sending prayers to John and you for tomorrow.

unmitigated me said...

It's good that you go together to these things. I found I needed another set of ears, just to absorb all the information. Jim remembers stuff that I forget, and we can interpret together.

That Janie Girl said...

He'll rock this chemo, I'm thinking. The man has guts, he does!

I'll be praying for y'all!!

Anonymous said...

Sending healing thoughts!!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Good Luck!
He is so lucky to have you.

Joanie said...

Thanks everyone! I can feel the love!