Sunday, January 4, 2009


Shit. I hab a code. My doze is all stuffed up. I feel like crap. I'm living on Dayquil/Nyquil now. I thought I felt it coming on the other day, so I took the one Nyquil I had in the house. Yesterday I bought a big box of it. I think if I had taken the doses on a regular schedule, I might have kicked this before it really hit me. But I didn't do that. I took one Dayquil yesterday, not one every 4 hours like they suggest but just one. Then I took a Nyquil before going to bed and slept wonderfully.
I'm hoping this is gone before Wednesday which when I'll be going to John's to see him. I usually go Saturday and Sunday and Wednesday into Thursday morning. I don't want to be around him if I still have this cold because he goes in for surgery on Monday the 12th. And if he has any kind of cold, they aren't going to do the surgery. And if I'm sick and I don't go to see him, he won't like that either (he's kind of stubborn that way ... he'll say "I don't care. I want you with me.")

I'm not there now because I had to pick up Dani from the airport yesterday and I'd feel guilty just dropping her off and going to John's (although she'd have done that to me in a heartbeat). And John is working extra hours to try to build up some overtime pay to make up for some that he''ll be losing when he's out of work after his surgery. He doesn't get sick pay and he used up his vacation time and his year starts in June. So his boss suggested he pick up a few weekend shifts. He worked 11am to 11 pm last Saturday and Sunday and this Saturday and Sunday and possibly even next Saturday and Sunday. He's a secuirity guard at a big chemical company. Fortunately his job isn't strenuous at all. It's time and a half, so he'll be able to rack up an extra grand or so for a cushion.

On a completely different note... when I picked up Dani from the airport yesterday, she was standing right beside me and I did not recognize her! I knew she was going to do something while visiting the other side of the country and I wasn't wrong. She cut her bangs, dyed it reddish brown and got her lip pierced! Frankly, I was surprised she didn't get a tattoo. She turned 18 last week and there's really nothing I can legally do to stop her (other than throw her ass out of the house lol) But if she gets caught with the piercing in her Catholic school and gets detention, it will serve her right! LOL Dani LOVES piercings... sigh.... ears 3X on each side, 2 cartileges, belly button, nose (but that one closed up) and now her lip. She wears clear studs on the illegal ones and the teachers think it's a pimple. I have these awful visions of her looking like this someday:

Lord, I hope I'm wrong!

This is why I didn't recognize my own kid at the airport. The first picture is Dani the night she arrived in Portland. Dani is on the right on both pictures. The second picture is what she looked like when she got home a week later.


Jim and Garret said...

I hope you're wrong too. Those piercings start to go overboard.

Sorry to hear you're sick. I'm not sure if you can knock out the cold in advance. If you have symptoms, then you are already sick, no?

Feel better soon. Tell your cold, you have shit to do.


Irish Gumbo said...

Uh, just how long was she gone?

Joanie said...

@ Garret, true, once the cold is beginning to rear it's ugly head, it's here for the week, but I was hoping to lessen the severity of it. No such luck.

@ Gumbo, well, she was only gone a week, but I wasn't expecting an auburn-haired kid with bangs and a lip ring! Mine had dark brown, no bangs and braces! (well the braces are still there, but they're new and it's still a surprise when I see them.)

Alix said...

Get well soon!

My son was into piercings bigtime. He did his own snake bites (double piercings at the corners of his lower lip), his eyebrow, and gauged his ears the fast way (ripping them). Glad those days are over, but when you make too big a fuss they do it just to spite you and it's worse. Sounds like Dani's are cute.

Amy said...

I've never had a desire for any piercings (other than my ears). But I would like a tattoo sometime. A small one in a discreet location. But DH is totally against it. And usually that wouldn't stop me. But for some reason it does...

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Your daughter is beautiful I love the color of her hair.

Hope she does not go over on the piercings for you too.

Lilly's Life said...

Oh I thought I posted a comment and obviously it got lost...

Well I love her hair, very pretty. But now I am old an over the hill I hate piercings. I dont mind a little tattoo but other than piercing the ears I cannot see the point. But I am not 18!!

I hope you are feeling better soon - take it easy if you can!!