Monday, January 26, 2009

I Hate Weather

Why, why, why does it have to threaten to snow on Tuesdays? I really hate driving in snow, whether it's a little bit or a lot, I just hate it. I'd rather be home, nice and warm. OK, everyone in the Midwest and Northeast, I know I'm a wuss. I'm not the "panic and stock up on milk, eggs and bread" kind of wuss. I'm more of the "buy junk food" kind of wuss.

The reason for this latest panic is because I have not had my hair done since November (or maybe even October). WHY? Because my hairdresser, Pam, works when I work and is off when I'm off except for Tuesday nights! And every time I make an appointment to get my hair done, we get freezing rain and/or snow! Or I'm scheduled to train a new server and, of course, it's always on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. The salon is 30 minutes from my house and Pam has been doing my hair for about 10 years now (maybe more!) Whenever I let anyone else do my hair, I'm just not happy. so I follow her whenever she goes to a new salon.

Underneath this lovely Redken color is white hair. I have more than an inch of the white stuff showing and I can't hide it an longer. My hair is also much longer than I normally wear it (although John likes it and keeps hoping I'll let it grow.. uh, no. I made a deal with him... if he grows his hair long, I'll grow my hair long... that ended that discussion!).

I feel old and frumpy now and I just can't stand it! I just might have to bite the bullet and have someone else do my hair this time. Another reason why I'm somewhat fussy about it is, I used to be a hairdresser, once upon a time. Whenever I tried to cut my own hair, I made it WAY too short and too choppy. I might, I said MIGHT color it myself if Denny can't do it. I work with Denny at Fridays and he used to be a hairdresser too and still does hair out of his home. The problem there is, he works nights, I work days.

I can live with the length for a bit but this halo has to go!


Jim and Garret said...

Sound like someone needs a Flowbee!

Oh and maybe some shoe polish on the hair?


RecoveringActor said...

Oh just come spend the day with me and go to ULTA. We can color our whites together. :) I have to get mine done soon too... it hasn't been since Novemeber, but it's been longer than it's s'posedta be.

Joanie said...

Gina,I can only spend the day with you if you play hookie on a Wednesday or Sunday, and I don't think your boss would like it so much if you called out to get your hair done where yu work! LOL
I stopped at Sally's Beauty Supply after work and bought some hair color. I hope I don't miss any spots!

Garret, shoe polish? Oh good Lord!
They don't make shoe polish in ash brown! And LOL about the flowbee!

Anonymous said...

Good luck and post a pic. Also, I did pull the GPS post -- I'm glad you appreciated it.

Queen Bee said...

As a natural brunette who went through I blond period...I hear what you're saying about the roots. I feel your pain.

Personally, I would brave the elements but I'm crazy.

Joanie said...

Yeah, Queenie, I remember the day you went to school in an ice storm, only to find everything was closed! lol

Lynne said...

Hey Joanie! I hear ya'! My husband talked me into a car that I absolutely hate! It's a plumber's van...a terrorist vehicle! He talked me into it during a spring one year. November rolled around...snow hit the ground...and I slid all over my hometown.

Our conversation went like this:
Me: "Does this stupid white box have front wheel drive?"
Him: ""
Me: "You mean to tell me...knowing what I do for a talked me into this piece of garbage?"
Him: "uh...not a problem, I will drive you around at work whenever it snows."

lmao! That was in the year 2002! Since then I've put 150,000 miles on that car and every fall he makes little grunty noises about getting a new car. I don't THINK so! I LIKE getting driven around! off on a tangent...sue me! White hair is really cool...I'm almost tempted to dye my hair white...BOO!

Braja said...

Life's a bitch when your hairdresser does not bend her life to your schedule :)))

bernthis said...

I always tell people, the second I wash my car, it rains. Never fails.

Joanie said...

Well, I finally broke down and bought hair color and did it last night. At least now I don't feel frumpy with the longer hair now that it's all brown. I'm sure, by now, Pam thinks I've found another hairdresser.

Comedy Goddess said...

I have been letting my hair go natural. I call it Silver. In the meantime I get highlights. Really really white highlights. It is a true test of patience. Good luck! Thanks for following my blog!

Lilly's Life said...

Oh Joanie I hear you loud and clear on this one. I have a lot of silver creeping through and I am NOT going to let it go natural until I am a grandmother at least. I buy one of those kits which colours the partline until I can get to the hairdresser. I hate regrowth and it does make you feel so yuk!!! Good on you for colouring it yourself and I hope you can get it cut soon. Just dont try doing that one yourself.

And why is it men love women with long hair. They all do.