Friday, January 2, 2009

Me, Then and Now

Liz at was talking about her hair and how she had it long and short, etc. So I said I'd post pictures of me with my "natural hair color (no, My natural isn't dark brown with blond highlights!) Once upon a time, it was black! Now it's white! So tell me what you think..... keep coloring it? let it go natural and white (and I can probably get into the movies as a senior citizen!)

OK, this is me, taken when I was on my Just divorced Cruise 2 years ago. Dark brown hair, a few blonde highlights.

This is my high school graduation picture, in 1973. Ah, to have that hair again (not to mention the figure!!!)

OK, this is me with my 2 daughter, June 2002 (6 years ago!) at Gina's high school graduation. The girls qwere 17 and 12. My hair is in it's natural state. It's probably even more white now! I'm sure the divorce made it even whiter! Gina is now 24 and Dani just turned 18. Below is what they look like now (these were taken a year or so ago.)

So, whatya think? Go natural and old lady or keep the brown?


Jim and Garret said...

I think it looks great either way. I think you should decide what YOU like. My Mom dyed her hair "eggplant" for years. Actually I did it for her. She had decided to leave it natural and likes it that way adding "I can't be bothered anymore".


Alix said...

Marvelous both ways! I would skip the coloring and just spend the $$ to keep a super cute cut. Lucky!

Ann's Rants said...

I'm so distracted by the gorgiosity of your daughters! I kinda like the salt and pepper, but you look dang cute in your new header. Do what feels right.

Irish Gumbo said...

Tough call! You rock 'em both. Maybe go seasonal: gray/white in fall/winter, blonde/brown in spring/summer.

Oooh, or go hip-hop and cal it 'Joanie's Salt-N-Pepa'! ;)

Lilly's Life said...

Your girls are gorgeous!. You all have those mazing brown eyes.As for you hair I am voting for the brown and blonde on you as is in your header. It looks great! Why do we go white so early I want to know!!! My mother started going grey at 24 and I followed her.

Joanie said...

Thanks for all the nice comments and compliments! The chicken in me is probably going to keep it brown for now. I kinda like that people think I'm still in my 40s. Ah, vanity prevails!

Laura said...

I stopped dyeing my hair a few years ago and thought that those silver highlights were attractive. Now, especially after my younger daughter told me that I look not cute, I'm thinking of buying me a bottle today. I would really love to do purple, but I'm too chicken to do that. I'm thinking that I'm looking too much like my au naturel 70+ mother these days. Yes, 40 on the bottle, I've decided for me--but sorry, I left you out. You could always try the half dyed half natural look as you let the color grow out.