Friday, January 16, 2009

The J's have it!

OK, Liz has assigned me the letter

and I have to find 10 things I like that begin with the letter J. So here goes, in no particular order!
1. John, of course! Best thing that's happened to me in a long time! I love him lots!

2.Jack-o-lanterns! I love to look at all the really cool jack-o-lanterns every Halloween and I wish I had the talent that some of the people have who carve these pumpkins into real works of art!

3. Jelly donuts! MMMMM!!!! 'nuff said!

4. Jeopardy! I real like watching this game show and I'm amazed at how much useless trivia is stuck in my head that I can answer a lot of the questions posed on this show.

5. Jigsaw puzzles! One of my favorite all-time puzzles was one called Buried Blueprints and I've been searching for them so I can work on one but alas, the company has gone out of business. John and I completed a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle not too long ago.

6. Jordan Almonds! One of these days, I'm gonna crack a tooth on these yummy treats!

7. Junk Food! My biggest downfall! My name is Joan and I'm a junk food junkie. Salty, crunchy gets me every time.

8. Juice! Orange to be exact, although I like apple and pineapple too. But I've recently learned orange juice does not like me any more. So if I want OJ, I need a Pepcid Complete chaser to go with it.

9. Job! My job at TGI Fridays actually! I'm a server and a coach and an in-store trainer. I love working with people, so service jobs like waitress or hairdresser is a really good fit for me. I am so not the white collar kind of gal!

10. Jersey tomatoes! Ah, there's nothing like a red, ripe, warm right off the vine Jersey tomato! Slice that baby up, and put it in between 2 slices of white toast with lots of mayo and salt! OH! My mouth is watering just thinking of it!


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Great J's, I like junk food too.

maureen said...

hey i worked at tgi friday's for five years. i was just thinking how it is not the same without the flair.

Lilly's Life said...

Ah love those almonds and my daughter's name is Jordan. I hope John is doing well.

Jim and Garret said...

Cool list. What got me was your mention of Job. That's very cool because so many people simply tolerate their job.

Maureen mentioned flair. Was that all the buttons and what not?


Joanie said...

Yes, flair are buttons and pins. We still wear some flair but not like before when they wore them all over their suspenders.

I really do like my job and most of the people who work there. My boss is awesome!

Joanie said...

This post may contain (alright it DOES contain) TMI.

John is doing just ok right now. The results of the splenectomy were that it WAS the Lymphoma coming back but it was very very early stage. Hopefully this will get it all. CT scan and PET scan are in order now.

His main problem right now is the pain killers may be causing constipation. He hasn't "gone" since Sunday night before his surgery. I got him apple juice, prunes, Raisin Bran and Dulclax stool softener to help him. His doctor doesn't seem overly concerned. He said it will happen soon. John's ready to call an ambulance. sigh.

Queen Bee said...

My Nana used to make me Jersey tomato sandwiches all the time and I had forgotten until now! Thanks for reminding me. Great list!

Adrian said...

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