Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Night In The Morgue

I received this email from my cousin, Michelle, who lives in northern VA and works as a medical examiner in Washington DC. Michelle is the person, along with her team, who goes to scenes of accidents and shootings and other fun stuff her job requires her to do. She's the gal who, like in the CSI shows, shows up, pokes around and determines where the bullet entered and exited or how hard the head hit the windshield, etc. It's a long way from her nursing job she used to have. There is no way she could get to work today since most of the roads she needs to take are closed off to the public.
She told me this morning she has Secret Service clearance to be in the area of DC that is closed off to everyone for today's Inauguration. Hopefully, she won't be called into service today, but I can't help thinking some nutjob is going to try something today. If Obama is smart, he won't be like Dubya and decide to walk the route of the parade and shake hands today. Then again, maybe he will. Obama seems like that kind of guy, who wants to get out among the people and show he's a regular guy.

These are Michelle's words from last night:
ok, so most of you would be really creeped out. Because of all the road closures, if one lives in Northern VA (which I do), and you have to get to work in DC on Tues, , Inauguration Day, you might as well forget it. Except for me and my crew. God forbid there is a mass fatality incident on the Mall or anywhere in DC, we have to respond. So...that being said, I am sleeping in the morgue tonight, the only way I could be guaranteed I would make it to work in the AM. So, I will be able to tell you what happens in the dead (ha ha) of night when everyone thinks the dead are just laying around.....spooky huh...thank you Mr. Obama!!!

I am sure there are several (Ranger Roach, Cuz's Mike and Marty and my own Rio and Rob) who have had stranger hat is off to you guys, thanks for doing that!

Spooky, huh!


Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

Yeah, that is pretty creepy. What a drag.

But wasn't the inauguration totally worth it?!? :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Snakes are SOOOO NOT worse than spiders. Snakes can NOT climb straight up a wall, across the ceiling and pounce on you!!

Hallie :)

Lilly's Life said...

It was creepy but I guess it all went off without too many problems. I have to admire people who do what your cousin does - big jobs. Such an historical moment.

Alix said...

Michelle Rocks!!! And I don't mean Michelle Obama.

How cool to work in a morgue. That's a job I've always secretly desired. Maybe I read too many Patricia Cornwell novels... but wasn't Kay Scarpetta once the Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia?

She was cool too.

Michelle, Kay and Joanie. Wow. What a cool trilogy!

Braja said...

seriously I love CSI, but I wouldn't sleep in a morgue!!