Monday, January 5, 2009

colds and other stuff

I can't think of one damned thing to say today, funny or otherwise. I worked, I coughed, I sneezed, I blew my nose. I am so not fun today. I took Dayquil and was loopy all day.

Ah, one thing I can talk about..... my daughter, Gina and her boyfriend, Gene (I love him.. he's going to be my favorite son-in-law) want to get married in Hawaii. There's lots of stupid family politics (on all sides of the families) going on that make them want to elope and get married quietly. If any of us want to go to Hawaii and see them get married, we are more than welcome to attend. On the other hand, Gina is already missing the idea of getting married and having the big wedding with all the trimmings. She's very torn about it. And people in the family are giving them a hard time about this. I am not one of those people. I just want them to do what makes them happy. Her father is saying not too many people would be able to go (duh! that's the idea!) ... this from the man who went to Las Vegas to get married last year because I don't think his family is very accepting of the new wife (well, I AM a tough act to follow and he did leave me for her!) I don't know when the wedding is going to take place. I wish I could be there for the wedding, but if I can't afford to go, then I hope they take video so I can see the wedding when they come home. All I want is for them to have the wedding they want and for them to be happy. End of Story. Gina reads my blog (hi Gina!) so I hope she's ok with this entry. :)


Irish Gumbo said...

"I worked, I coughed, I sneezed":

I believe Caesar said that when he became emperor, didn't he? :)

Sorry you are under the weather, get some rest and lay of the coonquering for a while...

Jim and Garret said...

Gina should do what she wants. I think weddings are overrated. What an expense! A one time dress for thousands? Ridiculous!

It's so sad that brides feel so pressured about the wedding.

Save money and take a hell of a honeymoon. Years from now you'd remember the honeymoon more than the wedding.

Honeymoon: You remember the fun doing something extreme. Trip to Hawaii or cruise to Alaska.

Wedding: Remember how you walked down an aisle? The food was nice. Oh please.

Braja said...

I laughed at the first sentence; love it :) Who cares? Just talk!! It's what we come here for, you gorgeous woman :)))