Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Baaaaacccckkk!!!!

OK, it took me 2 hours to read everyone's blogs and do my comments. Whew! I knew I had a lot of reading to do! A lot has been happening lately.

First of all, some of you have been asking how John is doing. He's ok, having some pain and still taking his pain killers. His apartment is all on one floor so no worries about him walking up and down stairs. He got the results back from the pathology lab of his spleen and it was, indeed, cancer... the Lymphoma starting back up again. The 2 spots were so small, it was actually hard to find. The next phase is to get another CT scan and PET scan to see if they got all of it or if it managed to spread to other parts. I'm not sure what the next course of action is if there is no more cancer to be found. Hopefully just scans every 6 months to check. He's worried about the bulge on his side where the spleen was removed. He seems to think it should have gone down by now (HELLO!!! they removed an organ from your body a week ago! It's gonna be swollen for a while!) Some good news is so far, his diabetes seems to be under control. His blood sugar levels were 101 and 113 this weekend (they were 500+ when he went to the hospital). Now if I can just keep him from having a carb frenzy with every meal, they'll stay like that. John has an appointment on Thursday with his surgeon. So we'll see just how he's healing for real.
The biggest problem I faced with him was showering. He was so afraid of hurting his side, he was just sponge bathing all week. And he was supposed to removed his bandage on Friday. So I finally convinced him to get a shower on Sunday morning (of course, I had to get in there with him for him to do it heheheh) and I got his bandage off! Now it can breathe and perhaps heal a little faster!

Remember when my daughter, Dani went to Oregon for the week between Christmas and New year's to visit her friend who moved there last summer? Well, on Thursday, Dani called me and asked me if it was OK if Lauryn and her 6 week old baby could stay with us for a while because her mom threw them out!!! Apparently, Lauryn and her mom had words (Lauryn was giving mom big time attitude and just being a bitch), so Ruth Ann said fine. I want the 3 of you out of here (oh! the boyfriend who got her pregnant followed her to Oregon and was living with them!)
So they called Ruth Ann's bluff and bought 2 plane tickets and came back to PA! Jarrid is NOT staying here.. just Lauryn and the baby. He is at home with his parents in the next town. I've spoken with Ruth Ann (I asked her for child support... she thought I was kidding) and Ruth Ann seems to think that Lauryn just used the fight with mom for an excuse to come back and show off her baby. Lauryn is already talking about going back to Oregon in the next week or so. So far, it hasn't been a bother. I get to feed Lillian and hold her and when she cries or poops, I hand her teeny butt right back to Mama!

I nearly forgot the drama with my good friend and partner-in-crime, Tina! She met a guy, a fix-up with the brother of a gal she works with. Apparently he has a lot of money... so much so that he doesn't have to work. But he drinks ... a LOT! He kept saying he was going to stop, yada, yada, yada... but he never does. He is slowly but surely, alientating her from her family and her friends. He is monopolizing all her time, keeping her away from her sisters and extended family by "needing her there". Her sisters and I were getting ready to do an intervention, I swear! On Jan 15, Tina turned 50. And the guy bought her a $5000 diamond ring. Then he completely freaked out because she likes Sawyer on the show Lost. He was screaming that HE was her guy, NOT Sawyer!!! Tina says, do you even hear yourself? He's just an actor that I like to watch on TV! It's not real! Things got bad and he opened his front door and shoved her out. She says she's done with him. I hope to God she is. I told her the next time he's going to hit you. She really doesn't need this controlling needy psycho drunk on her hands.

Oh, and she's having an affair with a married man on top of all this... and the boyfriend has no clue. And I'm the only one she can talk to about it! (the irony of it all is she's the one who helped me when I caught MY husband having an affair and he left me for her) I miss spending time with my friend. I told her she should sell the ring and take us on a cruise!

So, not much more happening except for stupid snow... I hate snow. I'm such a wuss when it comes to driving in it. I'm tired of cold (3 degrees on Friday morning!). The idea of moving to NC, or SC or GA is becoming more and more appealing to me.


Ann's Rants said...

I hope John feels better and gets a clean bill of health. I bet the baby is a nice distraction. Especially since she's not yours!!!


Alix said...

OMG Joanie... I'm dizzy! That post was like following the trailer of a new mini-series but without the benefit of video (I did manage to conjure up the shower scene tho).

Let's keep sending good, strong, healing vibes to John and get him back into tip top shape.

Liz said...

Oh man! So much going on for you right now!! I hope things settle down soon...

And the friend with the crazy love life needs a serious amount of down time. Someday, she'll look on this phase of her life and I bet she'll be embarassed at herself and angry with herself for the choices she's making.