Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Day From Hell

I was hoping my last day of work before my little Christmas break was going to be a good one. 

Not so.

It started out okay.  

I stopped at home on my way to work (I was at John's overnight) to discover my hot water heater died.  Two days before Christmas.  I have a $600 car insurance payment due on Dec. 27.  Now I have to see about getting a new hot water heater.  shit.

I also had planned to get new glasses before mid-January.  Our company got sold and my current health insurance will be no good very soon.  They will cover my exam and 80% of my glasses up to $300.  But I have to pay for them and then get reimbursed.  I've been setting money aside for this.

My daughter turns 20 years old on the day after Christmas.  For the past 5 years, I've been taking her clothes shopping for her gift.  I have money set aside for that as well.   And for once, I actually have off from work on her birthday!

Then I arrived at my job and it was downhill from there.

I sold a $25 gift card to a couple, who, in turn, gave me $24 for it.  They SWEAR they gave me $25.  Fine.  Just go.  So I spent $1 so these ass wipes could buy a gift card.  I hope your wallet gets stolen.

My first 2 tables tipped me less than 10%.  I hope your wallets get stolen also.  I also hope you get jobs as servers and will see how lousy you tip.  

Guest-wise, the rest of the day was pretty good, with the exception of the 2 tables who did tip 10% and no more.  Um.... do you know that I make $2.83 an  hour and depend on my tips to pay bills?  I also have to tip out the bartenders, the bussers and the door people.  Today it was $24.  shit.

Speaking of bartenders... someone mentioned the trouble I was having today and Scott, asshole extraordinaire said "What?  Too many cookies?"  So he basically called me fat.  I went to my manager, told him what Scott said and told him I was not going to run any food to the bar.  If he wanted to write me up for it, that was fine.  The manager said he had no problem with that.  He's definitely a favorite of mine!

I was really down in the dumps... on the verge of tears.  This was turning into a really shitty day.

Then my day started to get better.

Then my tips got better.

And my daughter sent me a text saying she had a surprise for me when she got home (she's driving in from Pittsburgh as I type) and she hoped it would make me feel better.  She gave me a facial!  It was great!!
One of the fellows I work with said I could get a hot water heater for $244 at Lowe's, and my niece sent me a message saying her husband would install it for me!

Trey (the husband) might, and I say might, be able to do it tomorrow!  Or some time next week.

So it's not all bad now.  Dani and I might have to be very careful driving because that car insurance payment might be a little late.

And Dani just told me she could wait a bit for her birthday presents.  

So maybe today isn't ending so bad after all.


Vodka Mom said...

Yes, things WLL get better. Now, do you have a paypal account??? DO YOU???????

tell me what it is.

Joanie M said...

I did have a paypal account at one point. I guess it's still there somewhere.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Ewwwwwwwwwww. Lousy day indeed.

Damn tippers!
Damn Scott!
Damn water heater!
Damn insurance!
Damn whatever I forgot.

The Retired One said...


gayle said...

So glad your day got better! Have a Merry Christmas!