Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year In Review

This has been quite a year!!  2010 was better than 2009 for sure.  I sure do hope 2011 is even better!

We had a LOT of snow in 2010!  If that doesn't happen this year, I'll be very happy!  At least I have 2 very eager brothers who are more than happy to shovel my driveway and make some money!  Now if I can just figure out how to teleport myself to work so I don't have to drive in the snow!

2010 brought continued good health for John.  His stem cell transplant seems to be doing the trick, and for the first time in 3 years, he is 15 months in remission!!!  We hope and pray it stays that way!

My son graduated Summa Cum Laude from college  in May with a degree in Business marketing and minor in Economics.  He's waiting tables until a real job comes along!  It's so tough for some of these new graduates to find work.  I'm not sure if he's being too fussy in where he's applying or what.  Hopefully he can begin his career very soon!

My oldest daughter got engaged and will be married in July 2011!  Her fiance' did it in the best way I've ever seen!  She threw him a surprise 30th birthday party.  He knew all about it.  He bought her an engagement ring while she was visiting her best friend in Ireland, and proposed to her in front of all their friends (and her sister, brother, Daddy Dearest, Maleficent and me)  at his party!!  She was so shocked!  He totally hijacked his own birthday party and turned it into an engagement party!

My youngest daughter finished her first year of college on the Deans List and announced that she really wanted to be a hair stylist.  So in September she started beauty school is very happy!  It was a good decision for her.

In 2010 I also broke down and agreed to meet Maleficent.  I found her to be very ordinary.  When it finally came down to it, I realized, finally, that I really didn't care.  This was huge for me!  At least I know that I can be at family function with her in attendance and not cause a scene!!!  Just in case, I probably should abstain from alcohol when I'm around her!  I told my sister-in-law (who was also smart enough to divorce my ex's brother) that maleficent was the trophy wife.  SIL said "Oh she is NO trophy!"  I love my SIL.

2010 was a time when I tried and failed to lose weight.  I quit smoking 19 years ago.  If I can do that, why can't I get this added weight off?  I am making yet another attempt on Monday.  

This past summer, John and I had a great time on vacation in Ocean City, MD.  I conquered my fear of heights by going parasailing!  I'm still afraid of heights, but I did something I've been avoiding since 1981 (the first time I chickened out)

It was the year of broken things.  My dryer, my hot water heater, my dishwasher (although it still runs), my bed (that was fun!!)  TMI??  Sorry!  Got my fingers crossed about my car!  It's 8 years old today and runs great!!  Knock wood!!)  

I'm sure there's more to add, and I probably will do a new post when I think of things.  In the meantime, I must get to work.

Happy New Year everyone!!!  I hope 2011 is better for all of us, in health, happiness and finances!

There are 2 more new posts below this one!  I was playing catch up!


Joanne said...

What a fabulous review. I can sense your serenity and happiness with your life and its great.
Have a wonderful 2011!!!

That Janie Girl said...

Happy New Year, darlings! xoxoxo

Peggy said...

Happy New year Joanie.
Congratulations on John's 15 month remission! Hooray!!!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Happy New Year, Joanie!!

Martha in PA said...

Happy New Year Joanie (and John!) I am thankful that I got to know you through your blog, and meet you briefly at the "W".... hopefully this year we will follow through and get together for dinner or lunch!