Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Good news/bad news

Today is Tuesday, so let's get random!!

I'ts been an interesting week to say the least and I've had a good news/bad news kind of week, so I thought I'd share with all of you!  Aren't you lucky!

Good news
I had the good fortune to have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and December 26, aka my youngest child's 20th birthday, off from work.

Bad news
My hot water heater decided that  December 22 was a good day to die.  I discovered this on December 23.  Just what I need, 2 days before Christmas!  And with a car insurance payment due Dec. 27 and my cell phone bill overdue, this is NOT a good thing. Oh!  And I have an appointment to get an eye exam and new glasses on Wednesday (it's been 5 years people... it's time!)

Good news
Because we were so busy at work and people have been, for the most part, generous with their tips, and because Rich at work told me I could find a HWH for $244 at Lowe's, it wasn't the disaster I thought it was going to be.  I thought a new HWH was going to be about $1000.  I bought a 40 gallon tank.  The one I have now is a 50 gallon tank, but I didn't think spending another $100 or more for 10 gallons was necessary.

Bad news
Lowe's wants $298 to install the water heater.  Seriously?  Basically all you need to do is unhook the old one, and hook up the new one!  Should take an hour!

Good news
My niece, Patty told me that her husband, Trey could install the HWH for me and I could give him whatever amount I wanted.  He likes helping family out!  Yes!!  I can give him $100 for doing it.  He makes some extra money, I save $200!  I like it!  The plan is for Trey to come here on Dec 26, in the evening, to install it.

Bad news
Big snowstorm coming up the east coast from Christmas night until the morning of December 26.  And Patty and Trey are visiting family in Virginia Beach.  So they were stuck there until last night, when they finally got home.  Now Trey is sick.

Good news
I should have hot water fairly soon!  And I'm gonna take a long hot shower when I do!!

More good news
One of my favorite authors is a friend on Facebook.  Her name is Sarah Pekkanen.  She was recommended by Jennifer Weiner, also a favorite author of mine!  Sarah has a book out called The Opposite Of Me which i read in under 3 days.  I could not put it down!  Last week, a short story of hers was available for Kindle on Amazon and she was doing a 5 day giveaway for folks who bought her short story.  Each day another gift was added to the pile (a signed copy of her newest book, due out in February for example)  I got word last night that I won Day 5!!  This is so awesome!  Day 5 is a signed copy of her newest book, Skipping A Beat, a signed copy of The Opposite Of Me, a signed copy of Jennifer Weiner's newest book , Fly Away Home, Godiva chocolates, a $50 donation to a homeless or animal shelter of my choice and a brand new eReader!!
I was so excited!!  Since I already have a Kindle and I bought one for my son for Christmas and my daughter, Gina got a Nook for her birthday this summer, I told Dani that she can have it for her birthday.  She's excited!!!  I should be hearing from Sarah soon to get my address and other fun info!  When the loot arrives, I'll do a blog post with pictures!

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Stacy Uncorked said...

Sorry about your hot water heater - we had ours go out a few years ago. Good News - we have American Home Shield insurance on our major appliances so it was replaced for $55. Bad News - we had a flood in our basement a couple of months later that killed the new HWH computer - which wasn't covered under that insurance, and we got soaked by the HWH people for $500! So I'm glad you got a great deal and that your niece's hubby can install it for you!! WooHoo! :)

Yay for winning some awesome stuff! I'll be looking forward to the post with pictures! :)

RTT: Internet, Snow, Christmas

Keely said...

Augh, what a PITA! Terrible timing on your water heater - hope the new one is installed soon!

Mellodee said...

Hmmm, another victim of the up and down Christmas! Seems like there was an epidemic going around. So far, I've encountered 5 up and down stories! Something in the air?? A full moon?? An invasion of gremlins???

However, the prize you won is a GREAT prize! Very impressive, especially to me, because I have only won one prize in my whole life....and it was a clunker not a treasure. Enjoy!

Oh by the way, didn't you know that deep in the mysteries of how things work in major appliances, there is a mechanism that ensures that the appliance will die at the absolute and totally most inconvenient moment possible? And said appliance will resist an easy repair or replacement! Really, it's true!! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the HWH. Hope it's fixed soon. Winning is always fun.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Despite the hot water heater and the blizzard it sounds like things worked out with a great big WIN!!!! Congratulations Joanie.
xo jj

Sharon Rose said...

Wow! I love how you wove in the combination of good and bad news! The good news you ended with, totally trumps that bad stuff.

Since it is the 28th, I bet you are currently in the shower and will not be back with us for a while. Don't stay too long, it will prune your finger tips!

Happy New Year!

Joanie said...

Trey came over this afternoon and installed the water heater!! I'm just waiting for the water to heat up, then I'm taking along hot shower!!!

Bill Lisleman said...

based on the above comment, it appears you are in hot water.
You know, you don't miss your water until it's gone (or something like that)

Unknown said...

What a week! I hope you have hot water soon!
Congrats on the big win! Cool that Dani gets a "piece" of the prize!

gayle said...

Glad your good news was better than the bad!

Amy said...

More good news than bad. Nice way to finish out the year.

WeaselMomma said...

You sure have had your ups and downs this week! I'm impressed with how positive you've kept your attitude!

Wishing you a steamy hot shower soon.

Captain Dumbass said...

Yikes, what a time to lose your tank. Glad everything worked out for you.

Peter Olson said...

I just replaced our 40 gal electric HWH a few months ago. I think it was about seven years old. It was very heavy. According to the instructions that came with the new one, I'm supposed to shut it off and drain out the particle build once a month. I didn't know that.
Live and learn, a little preventative maintenance can save you some cash in the long run. Ha! Ha!
Enjoy that hot water!
Happy New Year!
Hope 2011 is more profitable year.

The Retired One said...

Congrats on your win! That was exciting!!!