Sunday, December 5, 2010

The things toddlers learn from us... without our even knowing

First of all, I have to give credit to Ellen from .... this bittersweet symphony for the idea for this blog post.  Her post on Friday was terrific!

When my son, Tim was 2 years old, we had recently moved into the house where I live now.  I was pregnant with Danielle and working part-time as a hairdresser. I worked every Saturday.   Greg (my now ex-husband) was in the process of putting up sheet rock in the basement.  Since I was working, Greg had to keep Tim with him when he was doing this project.  Gina, our oldest, at 6 was out in the back yard playing with her friends.

In order to keep Tim occupied, Greg placed all the small tools at one end of the basement and when he needed one, he'd ask Tim to get it for him.  What Greg was not aware, however, was that Timmy, sweet little 2+ year old Timmy was VERY observant.

Greg was hammering nails into the drywall when he accidentally put the hammer through the wall, making a rather sizable hole.  Without missing a beat, Tim said, "That was a fuck one, wasn't it, Dad?"  All Greg could say was, "Yeah, Tim.  That was a fuck one."

He was very careful  with his language after that!


Mellodee said...

How do the little ones ALWAYS know which words will embarrass us? At least, they were alone! Sometimes the little darlings sense a lull in a conversation when the house is full of people and choose that moment to show off their newly learned vocabulary addition!

slommler said...

They always zero in on the cuss words...every time!! Ha!!

Gaston Studio said...

Oh yeah, another out of the mouth of babes! And I agree with the other commenters that little ones always choose the bad words to repeat.

Matty said...

Indeed, I know. They see and hear everything. And copy it too.

gayle said...

Kids seem to always pick up on the very words we don't want them to!

Deidre said...

When my nephew was 2. My sister in law was carrying in a load of laundry and badly stubbed her toe on the tile and said quite in pain "Mother f*cker". Of course my nephew got a bit scared because she seemed so upset. so then she lied and said that that was something you say when you're happy. So for like 6 months he'd go around saying "mother f*cker, mother f*cker" when he was having a good time.