Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Five Question Game

I was reading Pseudo's post today and thought I'd play along! She got it from Laura at Under The Sheets. So I'm going to link up with her post!

The Five Questions Are:

1) What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Coffee definitely gets me out of bed. I don't need to set an alarm since I don't have to be at work until 11am. I sleep with my TV on (a habit I got into when my husband left and I wasn't sleeping well at all.) I usually wake up to Charmed. I generally leave TNT on... usually good stuff to drift back to sleep with.

2) What scares you and how often do you think about it?

I used to be afraid of dying and leaving my kids. Of course, I still don't want that, but they are mostly grown and on their own, so I don't worry in that respect. I worry about John and his recurring bouts of cancer. We just found each other less than 3 years ago and I don't want him to die. He promised me 30 years with an option to renew. Plus, he owes me a trip to Alaska!
I worry about what I will live on as I get older. I have no retirement money set aside.

3) How important is making a home to you? For example do you like a home to meditate in, cook good food or have people over?

When my family was all together, my home was my most important thing. We had home-cooked dinner at least 5 nights a week and ate as a family. My ex-husband destroyed all that when he left. I rarely cook any more. My daughter, Gina is out of college, in a home of her own and making a good life for herself. My son, Tim is in his 3rd year of college, living off campus in a house with 3 other guys. He plans to go to grad school and who knows where that will be. The chances of him moving back here are slim. My youngest daughter, Dani is graduating high school this year and will be going to school in western PA. She's rarely home when I am. I'm not sure what the next 4 years will bring, in regards to Dani.
So, for now, my home is a place where I can relax, where my kids are always welcome to come to. I'd like for it to be a place where John and I can live together peacefully, but the animosity between him and my youngest make that impossible. So, for now, we live separately. I hate to say it but I'm biding my time until we can make that happen. My biggest wish is they'd at least tolerate each other for my sake.

4) Where in the world would you like to travel to next?

Ah, so many places! I want to cruise to Alaska and tour the interior! I want to go to Hawaii, and Ireland and Greece and the Caribbean and the western US. I'd love to travel to as many of our states as possible. John wants to travel the West via train, through the Rockies and the Grand Canyon. I want to go to Canada. I'm not a big fan of seeing the Middle East. I think I' d like to see more of Europe. I'm also not sure of Asia.

5) (Just for fun...) *What's your favorite Anti Aging Skin Product?

Oh, I have all kinds of products. I use Oil of Olay. I have Clinique stuff and Neutrogena stuff. My daughter works part-time at Ulta and she hooks me up with stuff every now and then. (I often forget to use the night time creams)


Pseudo said...

Loved your answers Joanie. When I fall asleep watching TV, sometimes the shows enter my dreams... I'm sorry John and Dani don't like each other.

Don't forget to leave Laura a comment that you linked, she's doing something with all the posts.

~Thought's By Dena~/ JDs Gift Shack said...

Love these kind of post..helps getting to know someone

Laura said...

Hi Joanie..thank you for playing and your answers are wonderful. I too have had tons of products but I find one I like I get addicted :) I plan to have a link back post today or tomorrow. A couple more blogging friends are posting. Take care.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Your answers are great! I hope you do get to cross those travel destinations of your list!

Lilly said...

They are great answers Joanie. I was unsure about Asia too and we live close by. I went for my first visit last year even though I have travelled to lots of countries. I loved it and would go back. Best anti-aging cream for me is Rose Hip Oil. I have chucked out all my other expensively packaged creams etc. Hope you get your wish re living with John soon. And I am about to go get my first coffee for the day - its morning here.

Unknown said...

I can comment, I can comment! On the travel thing you forgot to mention buy an RV and tour the country.... like me. :-)


Joanie said...

@Pseudo, yeah, sometimes the TV program ends up in my dreams too.

@Dena, it really does give some insight to folks. I like these kinds of memes.

@Laura, it's interesting to see what everyone uses on their faces daily

@Jen, Oh I wish I had the finds to do a lot of travelling! As it stands now, I'm happy with a week at my friend's house in Ocean City, MD. I rent from her every year.

@Lilly, well, unless I hit the lottery, I ahve to be happy with saving and saving to make maybe one of those travel dreams come true.

@Garret, Oh, I think that would be so fun! BUT after reading of your MISadventures, I'd make sure I bought a new RV, under warranty!

Boozy Tooth said...

It's so fun getting to know you better through these kind of question and answer things. Isn't it weird, but I so consider us friends. I think of you every time I pass a TGI Friday's (Garret mentioned you in his blog post today, btw) and the sweet header photo of you and John sticks in my mind for some reason. You are a sweetheart Joanie. I'm so glad I know you.