Sunday, March 29, 2009

In honor of my 100th Post, 100 boring facts.

1. I'm the 4th child out of 8 kids and 3rd daughter of Marty and Regina.

2. I was raised Catholic, but I'm more of a lapsed Catholic now.

3. Even though I don't go to church any more, my Catholicism is still very strong in me.

4. If I stopped coloring my hair, it would probably be snow white (or close to it).

5. I don't plan on doing that any time soon.

6. I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters. (Irish Catholic, can you tell?)

7. My oldest sibling is a nun.

8. Three of us have gotten divorced.

9. I have 3 children, a girl, a boy and a female Dennis the Menace.

10. I was married for 23 years.

11. I'm happily divorced now.

12. My baby will be heading off to college in August.

13. I'm REALLY looking forward to Empty Nest Syndrome.

14. In August, it will be the first time in 29 years that I will have lived by myself.

15. My oldest child, Gina has her degree in Theatre, but she now works in radio.

16. I miss seeing her perform... a lot!

17. Her little sister, Danielle will be following suit when she goes to college in August.

18. I love seeing my girls perform!

19. My son, Tim turned 21 on St. Patrick's Day.

20. He looks just like his father.

21. I don't hold that against him.

22. I'm completely left-handed.

23. I used to be a hairdresser.

24. I've travelled to Germany, Austria, Mexico, changed planes in England (does that count?) and visited 5 islands in the Caribbean.

25. I've never driven further west than Pittsburgh, PA.

26. I've only driven as far north as Springfield, MA and as far south as Ft. Bragg, NC.

27. I need to see more of this great country.

28. I quit smoking on December 31, 1991.

29. I haven't touched a cigarette since.

30. I got my driver's license the day before my 28th birthday.

31. I love junk food.

32. It shows.

33. Three of my 4 brothers were Marines, one of them for 20 years.

34. My 4th brother is gay.

35. My family REALLY identifies with our Irish heritage, even though we've been in the US since before the Civil War.

36. I was very nearly a coal miner's daughter.

37. I'm REALLY glad my dad came to Philly when he married my mom after WWII.

38. My boyfriend, John is very weird.

39. I might marry him one day.

40. He's being very patient.

41. I've worked for TGI Fridays for 6 years.

42. I still like my job.

43. I LOVE John Wayne movies.

44. I'm a closet Charmed fan.

45. I secretly like Elvis Presley movies too (don't tell anyone)

46. I like to go to NYC to see musicals.

47. I've seen 9 shows on Broadway.

48. I've only seen 4 shows in Philadelphia and 1 in Wilmington, DE.

49. I love LOST!

50. I was never a pet lover.

51. I have 3 cats now, Cameron, Mason and Java.

52. Am I turning into a cat lady???

53. I think I'm addicted to the Internet.

54. I like to play games on

55. I've cooked, actually cooked, only about 10 times last year.

56. I thought I'd be sad when my oldest child didn't move home after college, but I'm not.

57. I hope her brother and sister follow suit. :)

58. I do the New York Times Sunday Crossword in ink and once did the entire puzzle with no help from a dictionary.

59. I can't whistle any more but I used to be able to. (I think it quit when I quit smoking)

60. I wish I could go on a cruise with my friend, Tina every year.

61. I went to my first concert when I was 34 years old and pregnant with my last baby. We saw Paul McCartney at Philly's Vet Stadium.

62. I don't miss my ex-in-laws at all!

63. Margaritas are my favorite drink.

64. Captain Morgan and Diet Coke with lime is a real close 2nd!

65. Green is my favorite color with red a close second.

66. I met Rita Moreno when she came into my restaurant in 2002.

67. She ordered a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread and a glass of milk.

68. Ted Kennedy Jr. came into our restaurant too.

69. Since I'm name dropping, Michael Constantine (Gus from my Big Fat Greek Wedding) was a regular customer of ours.

70. He lives in Reading, PA with his sister.

71. Our restaurant was called Whispering Springs and it was in Kutztown, PA.

72. We had a ghost named Suzannah Levan Kemp.

73. I may have seen her, fleetingly, a few times.

74. We closed the restaurant on January 1, 2003.

75. I don't miss that place one little bit.

76. I have a friend, Margie who has been my friend for 47 years.

77. We've been friends since first grade!

78. I like finding new followers on Blogger.

79. I wish I could retire.

80. I think I'll have to work until I'm dead.

81. Unless John wins the Powerball lottery.

82. I think I want to move to a warmer climate in a few years.

83. I'm really beginning to hate snow and cold weather!

84. My favorite movie of all time is The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.

85. My favorite suspense movie is The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment.

86. My favorite chick flick is Just Like Heaven with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo.

87. My favorite silly movie is Drop Dead Fred with Phoebe Cates and Rik Mayall. LOL!!!

88. When I was a senior in high school, I nearly joined the Army.

89. I went to hairdressing school instead.

90. I never went to college.

91. Have I mentioned that I really love John Russo.. a lot?

92. I'm excited to become a grandmother some day... but I can wait, GINA!! LOL

93. I may or may not get married again.

94. That revelation surprised me, because all I wanted 4 years ago was to get married again.

95. If I had joined the Army after high school, John and I would have gone through basic training at the same time.

96. I wish I had met him 30+ years ago.

97. I most likely have diabetes.

98. I'm avoiding going to the doctor because my health insurance sucks.

99. I love driving my Pontiac Vibe.

100. I told you this would be boring. Glad I'm finished!


Liz said...

I don't find these boring at all!! I'd have a hard time coming up with a list of 100 things about me... I admire you for this!

Joanie M said...

And it took me 2 weeks and saving to a draft each time to get 100 things!

Jim and Garret said...

That wasn't boring! Now 200 might be.


Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear Joanie,
I read it all and I want more.. It's interesting... I always felt awed at how people live their lives. Thanks fro sharing it to us and giving us the chance to know you..
Best regards,

CaJoh said...

Congratulations on 100 posts.

Wow, a left-handed hair dresser. Didn't you hate having to use the green scissors in kindergarten.

I always joked that I wanted three children— one of each.

Good luck with your next 100.

Michelle said...

I am a pogo addict! Michelle5000_ find me sometime lol

bernthis said...

sorry to tell you but not boring at all. I actually love these things. Seriously. i read each and every one.

Lilly said...

Joanie you are not boring at all and neither was your list. You are a great person with the best sense of humor of anyone I know. You have lots to be proud of and maybe come August will you and John be able to move in together? That will help surely? I also hope you do not have diabetes. Fingers crossed. Here is to another 100 posts and thanks for this post. It was great reading!

Joanie M said...

Thanks everyone! Compiling that list was fun to do, even though it took me a week or more to do it. I love reading them whenever anyone else does them.

@Garret, trust me, I won't be doing 200 things about me. If I do I'm copying and pasting the first 100!

@Loida, thank you! These really give folks a glimpse into one's life!

@Chris, I didn't go to Kindergarten, so I don't know anything about green scissors. Some parts of learning to be a hairdresser was interesting as a leftie, for sure!

@Michelle, I'm Joanie6726 on pogo!

@Jessica, it's good to know you did read them! Thanks!

@Lilly, I really should just move in with John but then my daughter would have no where to go on her braks from school. She won't go to her father's. In time we will.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I enjoy these 100th posts. Great list Joanie and happy 100!

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

I loved the list, Joanie, NOT boring at all! Holy cow-- EIGHT kids!! Talk about being a middle child.... wow. I hope you enjoy the Empty Nest once you get it, it sounds like you have so much happiness in your life right now and that it might just be getting better every day. :)

p.s. I love LOST, too. SO MUCH.

Joanie M said...

Yeah, I was nice and anonymous growing up. I was born in between the 2 troublemakers. My parents were so busy trying to keep track of Michael's and Jeanne's antics, they never saw what I was doing! I flew under their radar my whole life! sometimes being a middle child is a good thing!

Adlibby said...

Congrats Joanie! Well done!