Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Why are moms so quick to bring our kids to see a doctor when they are not feeling well, but think we can doctor ourselves? That's me. And I finally bit the bullet and called for an appointment today to see a doc for 2 reasons.

1) The cough, cold that I cannot get rid of. It's been 2 weeks. The folks at work will be walking around with sterile masks on soon if I don't see a doctor.

2) I'm finally admitting that I do, indeed, have diabetes. I've been pretending to control high blood sugar with diet and exercise. HA! Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby and no exercise is NOT controlling the blood sugar.

Update on the doc appointment: I have bronchitis. Big surprise there! I should have learned by now. Every time I get a cold, it becomes bronchitis. I'm lucky it isn't pneumonia! So I'm now taking Mucinex 1200 mg (mega doses) and Azithromycin (Z-pak) antibiotic. I'll be good as new in no time!
I'm also getting a whole slew of blood tests done and I have to go back in 2 weeks for a complete physical. So we'll get to the bottom of the diabetes/blood pressure/cholesterol/thyroid/anemia thing.

Speaking of doctors... why are my doctors moving to other parts of the country/world on me? I really liked Dr. F and a few years ago, he moved to NC where his insurance wouldn't bankrupt him before he got his medical school loans paid off. And now I find that Dr. R (who I found quite amusing) has moved to Canada! So now I'll be seeing a third doctor and it's a woman. I sure hope it isn't the woman they sent me to in between Dr. F and Dr. R because I didn't like her at all!
YAY! My new doctor is NOT Dr. H, although she still practices there. My new doctor is Dr. Z, from Russia and she's very pretty and sounds quite knowledgable.

Finally a good reason for being at the poverty level! My daughter got her reward letter from the college of her choice and she has received just shy of $12,000 in federal loans and grants! And she hasn't heard from the state grant people yet! She'll hear from them in May. Her college tuition will be less than her high school tuition! Her father is happy since he gets to pay that bill.
Is it bad that I've had my 100th post ready to go for 2 weeks now? I thought it would take me longer to get it done but it's finished and ready for publication!

Am I the only one in Bloggiland to NOT have a Wii and being abused by the girl in Wii Fit? Wait... maybe that's a good thing!

Why is the president on TV tonight, interrupting my Tuesday night viewing pleasure? Hopefully, he'll be done with the blah, blah, blah and I can see who got kicked off Dancing With The Stars and The Biggest Loser. You know, important issues. :)


That Janie Girl said...

I wanted to watch American Idol. Dang it.

Get to feeling better, Joanie. I'm glad you finally caved and went to the doc. I would say I told you so, but...nah.


Anonymous said...

You should be feeling better in no time. What was Obama thinking pre-empting our programs. So insensitive to our needs. ;)

Lilly said...

Good on your for taking control of your health - I keep putting stuff like that off too. It's the same here with doctors. Once you had a family doctor for years now its hard to keep the same one every tme you visit. There must be a chronic shortage of them and they like moving on. Ah well, its life I guess.

Sally's World said...

LOL i do this exact thing, what hypocrites we kids sneeze and i'm off to the doc...i have to be missing a limb or have a temp over boiling point to go!!!

darsden said...

I have a wii and I never turn it on (except when derfina comes to play) as far as Wii fit, yup got that too...still in the packaging!

This is the first year I took the flu shot and it is the first year I ever remember NOT getting sick with all the crap you got... just sayin' maybe if you haven't had one...try it next
year..I am a Believer Now!

Congrats on the schooling :-)

Unknown said...

Denise Richards got kicked off of DWTS.

And I have a Wii, but no Wii Fit... I'm not sure that I'd get one. I just play old Nintendo games (like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World and Echo the Dolphin and Sonic the Hedgehog!) on my Wii.

The Retired One said...

I had this year's flu shot, but it didn't help...still got a terrible flu that lasted over 3 weeks. Then I was ok for a month and got it AGAIN!!!
Its a terrible year for respiratory flu.
Hang in there...the meds should help! And, I am SO glad you are getting your suspected Diabetes checked...if you let it go and don't treat it, there are terrible consequences.

Joanie said...

Joan, my father got a flu shot every year... and every year he'd get so sick from it! No thanks, I'll take my chances.

I'm already feeling better! My coughing has lessened somewhat. I thought the Mucinex would make me cough more, but it hasn't. Just made it more productive. And I'm using a Netipot twice a day. That's helped quite a bit!

Adrian said...

Weel, I guess I have to dig out all my stickers again. LOL. Cute card. It reminds me that I need to get working on my Halloween logo design

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