Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, My Leprechaun!

It's so hard to believe 21 years have passed since I gave birth to my very own leprechaun.

Timothy Gabriel Poletti (I know.. Italian last name... trust me, this kid is Irish!) came into this world at 12:33 pm on St. Patrick's Day 1988, all 9 lbs. 8 oz. of him. He was a funny little boy, wanted to grow up "to be clever" and a regular guy, like his Dad. And I think he is!

Now he's 21 years old, a Junior in college, a Fraternity brother, a typical middle child... my only boy, my only lefty, my only blonde child. Tim was the shortest kid in school from Kindergarten up until 9th grade in high school. He started sophomore year around 6' tall and is now probably 6'2"or 6'3" but skinny as a rail! Tim was the kid who made honors... sometimes, if he bothered to try. Yet he pulled a 4.0 all last year. If he continues to do this well, he'll graduate Summa Cum Laude next year! And he plans to continue his studies and get his master's degree.

Tim was always a dreamer when he was a kid. He was the one I worried about, getting in with the wrong crowd or get taken advantage of. I called him my Space Cadet, but he's not, at least, not any more! He's proven to me that he can take care of himself and I think he'll find his own way in the world and do a damned good job doing it!

So Happy Birthday Tim!! SlĂ inte'!


skywind said...

Happy birthday Leprechaun. Happiness holiday Leprechaun!
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darsden said...

Awe look at that sweety... I bet he is much bigger and more handsome now. Sweet story thanks for sharing. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The Retired One said...

What a nice tribute to your Leprachaun!!

Unknown said...

And you'll be happy to know that even though he did go to the bar at midnight... he went to his 8am class this morning.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to your son!

~Thought's By Dena~/ JDs Gift Shack said...

awww Happy birthday to your little (big)Leprechaun

Pseudo said...

Happy boy's birthday!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Happy birthday to your boy and Happy Birth-iversary to YOU!!

Unknown said...

Aww.. Happy Birthday Tim!

He looks like he's ready to crack a joke. His sense of humour is evident, even as an infant.

God love ya!

Peace - Rene

Lilly said...

Lovely post. At 9lb he was bound to be tall. Sounds like a great son. Happy Birthday to Tim.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Happy birthday to your Son.. He's such a lucky boy to have you as a mom and you are lucky too for having such a brainy Tim.. Good luck Tim on your Masters..
More birthdays to come..