Sunday, March 15, 2009

No Way is this allergies!

I honestly thought the crap I've been feeling was my allergies kicking in. There's no way in hell this is allergies. I do believe I am down with a full-fledged kick-my-ass cold.

Of course, I haven't been to a doctor. What's he going to say? Yup! You have a cold! $100 please. So I've been taking it easy, taking meds, drinking lots of fluids, getting lots of rest.

I called out of work yesterday (Saturday). I sent my boss a text message early yesterday morning: Dave, This is Joanie. I feel like shit. I'm staying home. Greg said he would be shift leader. His response? K. I love my boss.

Then I high-tailed it out of my house and went to John's. I did this for 2 reasons.
1) I'd get rest at John's.

2) my ex was coming to the house to see our teenager (visitation day) and I didn't feel like looking at his face.

My daughter thought I was at work. She didn't notice I was wearing a sweat suit and not my uniform. If I had stayed home, I'd have been harassed into taking her shopping for prom clothes and/or shoes. And she knows how to push my buttons and make me do things for her just to shut her the fuck up.

Not to get into a long, drawn out drama, on Friday later afternoon/early evening, even though I feel awful and have a fever, I take her to a couple of places and the choices are crap. I feel lousy, she's pissed and crying (can you say DRAMA QUEEN?) and we go home. She spends the evening designing her first 2 tattooes.

So I skip out early on Saturday morning and Daddy comes and takes her to the exact store she wants to go in Philly for a prom dress and forks out $300 plus $50 for necklace and earrings. She didn't want to go with Dad, but she's glad she did now because this dress is gorgeous!

I got to John's and he promptly makes me get settled in bed and he's fussing over me and getting me tissues and water and making me tea. (have I told you how much I love this man?)

He even told me if I wanted to watch a movie or two, I should pick out a chick flick!!! He then went to the store and picked up soup and hot take out dinner and veggies and fruit and more dayquil/nyquil for me.

I got lots of rest, drank plenty of tea and water (which explains why I got up SIX TIMES to pee during the night!), took my meds, had some dinner, watched tv and saw the movie All Of Me. Just a nice easy night of relaxing and taking it easy.

I woke up this morning, my aches are gone, my fever is gone. I'm still coughing and wheezing a bit but not like the past couple of days. I'm still getting a lot of rest and I might even take tomorrow off too. I don't really want to be coughing all over everyone and I'm sure they don't want me coughing all over them either.


darsden said...

Hopefully it is on it's way out now. Hope you are feeling much better!

Lilly said...

Hopefully you are feeling beter and I am so glad you have John in your life. He loves you clearly. Lap it up you deserve one another. And as for your daughter - its great that Dad got to pay for the dress and that she loves her dress and you didnt have to get any more aggro. Prom time, same all over the world. Love the way you write Joanie, you are funny and wise all at the same time. Take Care.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I hope you feel better super fast!! I had a cruddy cold a couple weeks ago- misery.

That Janie Girl said...

Get better quick...don't mess with this flu turns into pneumonia easy.

Anonymous said...

I happened across your site via a friend, what a wonderful blog! May I stick around?

Cheers, Deb

Unknown said...

You are welcome to try some of my home remedies if you like:

Get better soon,

Joanie said...

Thanks everyone for the get well wishes!

@Dar, I thought I was getting better and it kicked me again last night. so I'm home from work today.

@Lilly, yeah, I think I'm going to keep John. He was so happy to return the favor for me from when he was sick last year. And I let him! :)

@Liz, hopefully, I can get rid of this really soon. I can't afford the time off. I don't get sick pay.

@Janie, oh, I know! I keep trying to cough all this crap out of me!

@Debb, Thanks! Sure! Stick around! I love making new friends!

@Chris, thanks. I'll check them out!

darsden said...

Joanie girl you better stay low till it is all gone otherwise you are going to end up in the hospital with pneumonia, I know you don't want that. Let your man take care of you till you are well woman!

Unknown said...

Damn, get yourself better. I heard people were catching multiple strains of flu and being hospitalized. I'm glad that you know how to take care of yourself though!