Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Black Friday.  Just the thought of shopping with all those crazed people, looking for bargains, makes 
me want to go screaming back to my bed.  

I will not be doing any shopping today.  I will, however, be at the mall.  Because that's where I work.  

I'm a server at TGI Fridays at our local mall.  I do hope we're busy today, so I can earn lots and lots of good tips.  I do not, however look forward to trying to find a parking space at the mall.  If Dani wasn't so exhausted, I'd have her drop me off and pick me up at the end of my shift, like I did for her last night and early this morning. But she can't because she's asleep and she really needs the sleep.

You see, when she's at home, she works at  our local outlet mall.  That place is I-N-S-A-N-E!  

Dani learned her lesson last Thanksgiving.  She was scheduled to work midnight to 8 am.  She left for work about 45 minutes early.  After driving around for over an hour and not being able to secure a parking spot, she drove home and got a friend to drive her back and drop her off.  She was an hour and a half late for work. I picked her up in the morning when it wasn't as insane.

So this year, I dropped her off around 9:30, before it got crazy.  She was scheduled to work until 8 am.  She told me she might stay and work later, if possible.  At 6 am, she sent me a text message.  "I'm leaving at 8.  And not a minute later."  (I think she had a rough night... not to mention a serious lack of sleep).  I was there before she got off work and was able to get a close parking spot. (it had calmed down somewhat)

Dani has to be back there at 7 pm tonight, but she's taking my car.  She's finished work at 2 am. And again on Saturday.  On Sunday, I drive her back to school.  

So I'm on my own for getting to work today.   I just hope it's worth my while!

Wish me luck!


Daria said...

Good luck girl! I think you will need it.

Pseudo said...

As my friends and I used to say to each other (my roommates and I were all waitresses), "HAVE FUN! MAKE LOTS OF MONEY!!"

And no malls for me today. Grading papers and tests all weekend.

Joanie M said...

Today was a good day! Steady busy all day, not crazy. Made good money! Back for more of the same tomorrow.

slommler said...

I did the Black Friday shopping and we had a blast. I am glad that I didn't have to work in it. That wouldn't have been fun at all! But there were no lines for us and we got some great sales prices!! Happy girl here for sure!
Sorry the two of you are working in the midst of it. Yikes!
I feel for your feet!!