Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Word Wednesday: Retreat


I was having a difficult time, coming up with a decent blog post about the word, Retreat.  I read someone's post and my retreat came to me!

My retreat was the cruise I took with my friend, Tina, back in January 2007.  I wish I had the funds to do this every year with her.  That cruise was, without a doubt, the best vacation I ever took, because it rejuvenated me, and it gave me back my sanity after an extremely rough 2 years, when I was forced to deal with my divorce, one that I never wanted (but now I am SO glad I got!)

I saved for a year and a half for this cruise.  Tina became my friend when I was at my lowest.  She dragged my sorry ass out of the house for dinners and movies and just hanging out.  When she suggested the cruise, it was perfect timing!!!

Tina and me on St. Thomas

We spent 10 perfectly glorious days sailing the Southern Caribbean.  I can't remember the last time I laughed so much before that vacation.  We didn't do anything special.  We hit a few beaches, did a little shopping, took a bus tour.  But we mostly just hung out on the deck by the pool, reading novels, getting some sun, enjoying the Captain (Morgan, that is).  

I returned home, happy, relaxed, TAN and ready to face my world!  And I'd do it again tomorrow if I could!

If you want to play along, Jilllsy Girl has the rules right here. 


slommler said...

Sounds like you had a beautiful time Joanie! What a blessing for you both!! I have never been on a girlfriend only vacation...but I hope I will soon! I could use some REAL R and R!!!

Jillsy said...

that was a much needed retreat! it's amazing how rest and relaxation (with some fun thrown in) can rejuvenate you!

Sally G. said...

So many of us infuse enough play-time and relaxation time into our lives.

I'm so glad you did, especially at a time when you seemed to need it most.

St. Thomas looks beautiful!!

linlah said...

You're lucky to have a Tina, I hope the frienship has been long lasting.

Juana said...

What a wonderful friend you have in Tina! And, what wonderful memories of a much, much needed retreat. I hope to read someday that you are going on another one!
This is a great post, loved reading it! Thank you!