Saturday, November 27, 2010

Six Word Saturday : Upside/Downside

Oy vey!  Do my feet hurt!

Yesterday was Black Friday.  I'm a server at TGI Fridays, located in a mall.  Needless to say, we were quite busy!  

There was no time for any of us to sit down and eat.  We never stopped from 11 am until after 3 pm, when it slowed down for a bit.  

Thankfully, night shift comes on at 3:45 on the weekends.  I sure was happy to see them arrive!  

Tomorrow I expect more of the same.   Boy do my feet hurt!

I do get a 2 day break after tomorrow.

That's because I have to drive my daughter back to school on Sunday ... a 520 miles round trip drive.  

At least I don't have to do it all in one day.  My ex travels a lot for work and has tons and tons of points for free Marriott hotel rooms.  He got one for me, so I can break the trip up.    

I'll miss work on Monday, so I'm not making any money that day!

I have a date with John tonight, and by date I mean I go to his house and fall asleep on the sofa because I'll be too tired to move.   I bet I can get him to rub my feet for a while!

I just hope there's no snow in the mountains when I drive Dani back to school on Sunday!  I hate driving in snow!

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Matty said...

I keep saying this, but one of these days I'm going to stop in and surprise you. Of course, that will only work if you happen to be there at the time. LOL

slommler said...

Oh I hate driving in snow too!! So I hope it is sunny and clear for your drive.

Mamie said...

Ohhhhh, as a teacher I have those feet-killing days too sometimes - hang in there!

Jingle said...

driving in snow is dangerous for me.
awesome 6 words.
hope you well.

Ina in Alaska said...

This is going to look stupid in this comment but I too hate driving in the snow! We had ice last week along the New Seward Highway (John will know the New Seward Hwy) and I did not drive for 2 entire days! I ventured out yesterday, the roads were less icy and went to Nordstroms. Was lookiing for a hat for bad hair days. Found 2! Crowds not too bad downtown considering the Performing Arts Center had the Nutcracker and the Town Square tree lighting ceremony later ....

Be careful on your drive and so happy you get a break at the Marriott. That is a nice ex! xo

croleyc69 said...

I don't like driving in the snow. Praying you have a safe trip and beautiful day.


Martha in PA said...

I can relate to the feet... Wednesday was BAD for me. At least you have John to rub them for you!

Have a safe trip, I'm glad you don't have to make the drive all in one day!

Melissa B. said...

I spent most of yesterday traveling, so you're way ahead of me!

We Are Family

The Retired One said...

My six back to you:
Here honey, I'll rub them forya.
(Ok I cheated on that last word). hahaa

Kimmy said...

Oh those long busy days. It can be good cause it goes by fast, but sitting to relax for a few is never fun :o(

Good luck on the safe! We'll actually be driving into the snow today. No fun...I agree!

Happy SWS!

gayle said...

Hope you have a safe trip! Rest your feet!