Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear So and So: I've had it!

I haven't done a Dear So and So in a while.  I was thrilled when I saw that Kat, from Three Bedroom Bungalow, had started it up again!!  Check her out, she's awesome!!!


Dear Mother Nature,

Go away!!  Leave me alone!!!  Forty-three years is long enough!

Had it,


Dear Mason (my black cat),

Stop using my chair for a scratching post!  I don't care that it's ugly and is 21 years old.  Your real scratching post is right nearby.  And while you're at it, stop pooping in the  basement.

Had it with you, too,


Dear Tucker  (Tim's orange tabby cat),

Um.... Tuck?  You don't have claws.  Cameron and Mason do.  Why haven't you figured out NOT to go after them like you can actually win the fight? They weren't exactly thrilled when you moved in.  I'd lay low if I were you.

Thought cats were supposed to be smart,
Tim 's Mom


Dear Junk Food,

Stop calling to me when I'm home alone.   I hear you whispering ever so softly from the kitchen.  It's evil, I tell you!

Has no willpower,


Dear Ann,

Good luck this weekend when you audition for America's Got Talent in New York!  I hope you don't end up on the Blooper reel!

Break a leg!
Joan (who will NOT be putting this on Networked Blogs on Facebook!)


Dear Readers,

Why not check out Kat and her Dear So and So!!  While you're at it, do one of your own and add it to her post!  It's fun!  It's cathartic!

Love y'all!


linlah said...

Sometimes it's better WITH mother nature, sometimes the dog chews your chair into a pile of foam, you're right junk food is the devil, And Ann I too wish you good luck because I can't sing.

Kat said...

Good luck to Ann! I really wish I had some sort of talent- like sword swallowing. That would be cool.

slommler said...

Junk food is soooo evil and devious!! Trying to wile it's way into my stomach!!! Ack!!
Love this Dear So and So...I am going to have to give it a try!!

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Something about that junk food. It don't whisper to me, it screams.

Ina in Alaska said...

Junk food, I love you!! tee hee hee! Happy Weekend !

Mary Anne said...

"Junk food, my evil, lurking nemesis" she types with one hand while eating Halloween candy with the other . . .

Matty said...

Oh man, our two cats scratch everything up but their scratch boards. Grrrrrrr

Martha in PA said...

Great Dear So and Sos.... why do cats do that?

Kristin said...

Hi! I'm following from the 40 and over hop!!

Kristin :)
Keenly Kristin

Lilly said...

Ha ha , so glad you started this up again. You make me laugh out loud. Oh junk food and I are on very friendly terms of late - I need an intervention in fact. Love your header photo - it says one word HAPPY!