Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Word Wednesday: Dynamic


 I was having a hard time coming up with something, besides Batman and Robin for the word,  Dynamic.  Of course, you all know that Batman and Robin were known as the Dynamic Duo!

Then I did a google search for The Dynamics and found this band and some of their videos.  The Dynamics are a French band that does covers of many popular American bands.  I thought their version of  Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love was pretty cool! Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Jill, from Jillsy Girl, our host at One Word Wednesday is getting some real life stuff done and Sally from  Sally G. has been gracious enough to host One Word Wednesday for the next few weeks.  Check these ladies out, they're awesome!!


Juana said...

Oh, please the Dynamic Duo...of course!! I should have made a recipe with those two, lol!!
Joanie, I almost didn't click on the video, because I am not a Led Zeppelin, but I went back..and clicked. WOW, what a surprise! I loved it!!! Really cool, or should
I say "groovy"?

Juana said...

I meant I am not a fan...

slommler said...

You are right...very cool video!!

Jillsy Girl said...

You and Sally both thought of the Dynamic Duo which didn't even cross my mind.

That is some "groovy" take on Led Zep's song!

mrs mediocrity said...

It is so funny that you and Sally both went straight to batman and robin, i never thought of them either, although they were favorites when i was a kid.
Holy Baked Potato, Batman!

Sally G. said...

Holy Two Women Sharing One Brain Batman!! (Hope your half works Joanie, mine is hardly used.) Right up to picture selection, too. Guess it's true that you never forget your first crush. (I'm now talking about me again, and Batman. Though I don't think my feelings were reciprocated.)

Juana!! I fell to the floor in a FAINT at the thought of you COOKING Batman and Robin. Aaauuugghhhh!!!

I happen to be a Led Zepplin fan (probably no surprise to anyone there) - but I enjoyed listening to this version of the song.

Great post Joanie! Thank you ...

rayfamily said...

I agree with above, I love that you and Sally both had the dynamic duo thought! And the dynamics, hadn't thought about them in forever!

Mellodee said...

I'm not feeling at all dynamic, haven't for a long time!! :)

However, I wanted to tell you that I love the kitty cat! That is my kind of cat. Cute, playful, stationary, won't eat me out of house and home, non-threatening, non-shedding, no nails, doesn't want to go out at night, totally undemanding and no hair balls!!!

Nice kitty! :D

Barbara Shallue said...

I am a Led Zeppelin fan, but this is a very cool version! I'd never heard of the Dynamics - thanks for helping me learning something new!!